FLEEING STEADY HABITS a novel published by Black Rose Writers

SIZE MATTERS winner of the John Gassner Award

THE MAN WHO LOST HIS CAR winner of the Playwrights First Award

SLOTH published by Broadway Play Publishers, produced by Gold From Straw Theatre Co.

JUMPERS AND SPINNERS published by Dramatic Play Publishing

AND I DID published by Smith and Kraus, prduced by Boston Theatre Marathon, International Cringefest, Pittsburgh New Works Festival, and American Globe Theatre

CAR BROKE DOWN and TO MISSOURI produced by Gettysburg College

On Christmas Day, Junior arrives at his father’s junkyard trailer home for their once a year holiday meal only to find his Pop murdered. Seizing an opportunity from this tragedy, Junior decides to take his Pop’s car and the cash he saved. But he can’t leave without saving his best friend Courtney from her drunken, sexually abusive father. Junior picks Courtney up and together they head off with a vague destination of maybe Mexico. In the glove box of Pop’s car they find a priceless Russian icon. They deposit the icon in a pay locker in a bus station in Pennsylvania. They pick up Hunter, a hitchhiker, who tries to rape Courtney and steals their cash so that they are nearly broke. They find work and continue their odyssey, not knowing that Hunter has teamed up with Courtney’s father to hunt them down and steal the icon.

Fleeing Steady Habits